CCIE Collaboration

This page is create to publish my Journey with the CCIE Collaboration Lab – you can find Labs and information related to my study approach. Feel free to recommend content and share ideas.

Set Up your Home Lab

Here is a quick lab that I built at home:
3 Cisco 2811 64 PVDM2
1 Cisco 2821 128 PVDM2
1 Cisco 3750G 24 Port
1 Poweredge 1950 III 32GB – 2 TB HD – 2 XeonQuadCore E5240 2.4Ghz
5 Cisco 7961
2 Cisco 7965

On the SB and SC routers I have the ESW module but I’m only doing the 10/100 one. In one of them I have the POE card, but I noticed (Very late) that the Power Supply on that router will also need to be replaced by one that supports POE (Look for the phone logo on your Power Supply) – So I’m using power cubes for my SC and SB phones.

I consider that having the lab and try different features and configurations you will be more confident. Rack Rentals is also a good option but there is nothing like setting it up yourself.

Video Library

Currently I’m using – They are not paying me to recommend them or anything, but I think that by far they are really good and very committed to make understand the material.

Study Schedule

Set up time to lab and practice. Also account for the time that you will be using to figure out some of the aspects that you don’t see, like the CLOUD site or Back Bone.

Schedule your Exam

No need to expand on this one but I can tell you, if you need extra motivation and commitment this is the best thing to do.

Time yourself for speed and accuracy

You need to be speedy Gonzalez when configuring that Dial-Peer or that CUBE gateway, maybe to create and generate DSPFARM PROFILES – and in the end they need to register, receive calls and work correctly.


I’m not a reader, but whenever I don’t feel like doing any labs or video watching I take my QoS book and read something.

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