{uccx scripting tips & tricks: generating prompts}

adding this one to my toolbox! – Thank You Sam!

Sam I Am Sam

Today we are going to do away with the Create Generated Prompt Step, because it really isn’t needed and in my opinion it obfuscates the development process..and toward the end of this post I will show you an example of a Prompt I had to create for a customer because the Speed of the Playback Message was too fast for them; in this real-world example it is required that you have, at a minimum, an Enhanced License for CCX.

What types of Prompts can you “Generate” without the Create Gen Prompt Step? Well ALL of them: Number Prompts (N[], such as in a year where the playback is like the following: Two-thousand and fourteen), Spellings (S[], this is typically how we playback a “number” from a Get Digit String Step), Dates (P[]+date), Currency ($[]), and it goes without saying (pun intended…

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